Consultation Services.



Vast in scope, to most companies the idea of putting their business in the cloud may seem overwhelming.  Where to start, is it secure, who will see my data, how can we be protected, what if it goes down...all areas where our services can be of help.  We can start your business fully in the cloud or take you in one step at a time and provide you a long term success roadmap to ensure that you arrive at your destination safe and sound.


Social Media is a complicated landscape when you consider how just one tweet can positively, or negatively, change a company's position in the industry.  From the large scale social influence platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, to the upcoming platforms such as Snapchat and Slack, there are a myriad of opportunities to provide social context and awareness to your products and strategy.  There is a fine balance between just creating dozens of social personas and actually reaching your audience with the best message.

Middleware and App Development

It is no longer simply a matter of purchasing a platform or technology and assuming it will run independently of any other technology.  In today's landscape you need to be able to securely connect all of your platforms in order to be able to truly realize the power of your technology and data.  Middleware and application development are key technologies to help businesses achieve the unlocked power of a truly collaborative ecosystem.


The cybersecurity landscape has never been as complex as it is today with attack vectors ranging from Malware to Ransomware and phishing attacks at an all time high.  It is important to have a strategy that aligns with the company and utilizes the best tools to protect the assets.  A successful cybersecurity strategy considers all of the vectors and emplaces protections to ensure that the best chances of success out there.

Project Management & Collaboration

Whether building a centralized Project Management Office or simply bringing in the best and most agile project management and collaboration tools, there is a maturity and cultural evolution that must occur in order to find success with project management and collaboration platforms and processes.  Avoiding the project management police and creating an active collaboration atmosphere does not need to be a tug of war.  Our company can help you step through the process of maturity and show you how to successfully bring everyone along for the ride.

database and web development

Database and web development are no longer special secrets in a business requiring expensive expertise and long term development.  The genie is out of the bottle and most firms only need the basics yet are never able to understand that they can do a lot more for a lot less.  Let us help you assess your database and web needs and provide the precise solution for you, not the largest solution.


IoT, Chatbots, Virtual Personal Assistants and Wearables, to name a few, are all forcing companies to consider their own digital transformation agenda and how they can leverage their internal expertise and their strategy to bring in new customers and excite those that they have now.  It may even be your internal customers which can reap the benefits of a successful digital transformation strategy but it's happening right now.

Business process engineering

Most companies will purchase a platform or technology without truly being in a position to measure its outcomes.  Our firm can painlessly help you map out, through comprehensive business process engineering, a baseline KPI-driven understanding of where you are today to help you precisely determine what tools you need to get to where you want to be tomorrow.  Do not get stuck with orphan or bloated platforms.  Use business process engineering to ensure that every financial decision is made with the best diligence and information to support the longevity of the technology.

facility management

All successful business expand or relocate or in some case both!  Managing a corporate expansion or move can be overwhelming and time consuming especially when it comes to the finer details.  We can help you manage your growth and ensure that you are not only in the right place but that you have the BEST place for your company to thrive.