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Common Q&A regarding CIO Advisory Services

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is it expensive?

I work with each client to understand their budgetary constraints and pick a fee schedule that works best to achieve the outcomes.  There are no hidden fees or costs and I believe our rates are highly competitive against the bigger agencies.

can you help us with our launch strategy?

Absolutely.  From an IT leadership perspective, I have brought 8 different products to market readiness including full commercial staffing, platform implementation, hardware deployments and long term tactical planning for Analytics, Data Warehousing, CRM and Digital Marketing.  

what experience do you have with vendor management?

Over 18 years in vendor management experience ranging from complex Tier 1 multi-million dollar vendor contracts to OpEx optimization for SaaS based vendor models. 

have you staffed an It department before?

I have built IT departments from the ground up as IT employee #1 and managed complex organization structures due to M&A activities.

what is your position on cloud?

Having been a pioneer in cloud implementations, starting all the way back in 2009, and having seen the massive benefits of cloud adoption, I am a firm believer in including a large aspect of cloud into a transformative technology strategy.

Do we need to embrace digital?

Digital implementations should only be considered in specific go-to-market strategies that can benefit from digital implementations.  Otherwise, it is on a case by case basis.

how long does an engagement last?

Each engagement is structured around several factors including how fast the outcome is needed and how complex the engagement is.  I put my fees against ensuring that I will always meet deadlines and will be fully transparent up front with my customers as to specifically how long an engagement will take.

will you come to our offices?

I will not be invisible.  If my presence is required in the offices, rest assured I will be there as needed in order to perform relevant activities.  This is not an armchair advisory service.

how do we know if we need your services now?

If you are frustrated with your current strategy or partners or both, chances are good you can benefit from a free consultation to at least understand whether or not you can improve your situation and how.

do you subcontract your work?

I never subcontract my work nor do I use cookie cutter templates across my clients.  I may recommend partners to handle additional downstream tasks once our engagement has completed and will only recommend industry experts who adhere to my customer management standards.

are you a software reseller in hiding?

Absolutely not.  While I believe that certain software vendors are heads above the rest in specific aspects of the industry, I have no material engagements with any vendor nor do I profit from any such relationships.

do you only help life science companies?

I specialize in the Life Sciences industry but due to the agnosticism of cloud strategies and product launches across industries, I can and do help other industries as well.